Feminine Hygeine Costs

IMG_2890.JPGSurely I am not the only one to think us girls pay far too much for sanitary products?

It’s not our fault mother nature granted us with this dreaded and preferably unwanted gift that we now have to deal with every month with no choice in the matter…

To have any half decent protection and something to make us feel even the slightest bit less paranoid we’ve got to fork out quite a chunk of our own money.

In the modern day we are in now, healthcare is improving rapidly, however it seems nobody has considered free sanitary products for girls, it just makes sense doesn’t it?

Tampax, the leading brand for females in their ‘time of the month’ charge us around ยฃ2.99 per box for their luxury range of tampons, ‘Tampax Pearl’. Even if we only used one box per month during our period, we would be spending just over ยฃ35.00 a year, without considering other things we need such as sanitary towels, lighter forms of protection along with the usual chocolate, ice cream and a Netflix subscription that are just necessary during period week.

Free condoms are available, free contraceptives, free healthcare, so why do we have to pay for something so essential and equally as important?


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