5 charities that benefit women and girls


In my personal opinion, this charity is amazing. Since becoming aware of the charity by Gucci working towards equality for women across the globe I have literally been fascinated. It is made even better that it is co-founded by Queen Bey, possibly the most powerful woman on earth in terms of the music industry at least!

imageThe charity supports women all over the world in aspects to do with education, healthcare and over all welfare. Their recent ongoing campaign is something to definitely get involved I’m, post your black and white selfie on Instagram with the hashtags #chimeforchange and #bringcolourback.


Girls not brides is such an important charity to bring light of. It is a partnership of over 500 organisations from around 60 countries that aims to bring attention to the reality of child marriages.

The charity wants to bring a stop to the practice of child marriage and give girls the childhood and adolescenthood they should be living. 15 million girls across the world are married before the age of 18 which goes to show how many are missing out on some of the best years of their lives. Especially in cases where these girls have not had a choice in whether they want to marry, people need to be aware of child marriages.

image#3. REFUGE:

Refuge charity is in support of women and children who are suffering or have suffered domestic violence. There are so many charities who support this cause so it is hard to tell which one is the most outstanding, however to be honest, every charity in support of any cause is brilliant in it’s own way!

Refuge highlight different aspects of domestic violence we wouldn’t even think of ourselves. Things such as children who have to witness domestic violence against their mothers, the statistics alongside women who take their own lives to escape domestic violence. There is so much more to just women being abused and that is so important to know about.


If the concept of feminism had to have its own one charity this would be it. Aiming to raise the status of women through direct involvement in the community, it screams out equality.

Why should women be the housewives and men be the workers? I know this is a very broad and dated example, but it is still common in the day we live in, women should be part of the community equally as much as a man is. This charity is highlighting key problems of discrimination, poverty and violence.


Both women and men suffer from breast cancer, with the current stats showing that 55,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year.

Cancer research and breast cancer awareness work towards the best thing in the world: finding the cure to cancer, and also provide help to millions of people with cancer every day and that is why cancer charities like this one are brilliant.






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