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Does it take a break-up to motivate us to look better?

What would you do if you broke up with your boyfriend? ‘Ermmm, lose weight, get toned and show that a**hole what he’s missing’. Sound familiar? Unfortunately.

Since becoming aware of the whole concept of a ‘revenge body’, it got me thinking… Does it really take a man to motivate us to do something good for ourselves, even worse it has to be a man who has messed up.

If anyone’s wondering, a revenge body is the idea of a woman wanting to lose weight and become as hot as a supermodel to make their ex-man jealous of what he is missing, crazy I know.

A prime example of where this idea has appeared from is the Kardashion sisters, waving goodbye to ex boyfriends and becoming even hotter than ever. Of course, I admire and (must admit) envy their fabulous physique, but why go further to make yourself look better just because of a break-up?!

What on Earth is stopping us doing it off our own back? Show ourselves that body we’re missing out on because we’ve had too many Netflix and chill nights instead of going to the gym, admit it we’ve all done it.

Do we do it to find another man to act as a rebound and distract us from our heartbreak, or do we do it to make the ex jealous? NO! We should do it for nobody but ourself.

Looking back over the past 3 years, I’ve realised how much I have changed without the prompt of a man, all for myself and nobody else:

First image is the 2013 version of me, following is a year later and the last image is how I look right this very minute in 2016, and I thank God for hair bleach and the right makeup. Still the same terrible pose, maybe one day I will master a smile.

Remember, we should feel beautiful in the skin we’re  in regardless of a man and his completely irrelevant opinion.

I hope more girls take note of this and start doing things for themselves and not in spite of a man who most probably couldn’t care less.




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