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Let’s face it

I think it’s about time I gave the makeup products I use some serious praise. This review is going to be on the makeup I use daily. So if you’re feeling like your in need of a little change-up in the makeup department then take a look and see if any products I use could suit you too.

No7 Stay Perfect Primer

I not long ago started using this product after fancying a change from the Benefit POREfessional primer, which was also a very good product, however I found that it seemed very dry on my skin after the application.

Stay Perfect Primer is brilliant, and also much cheaper than Benefit, which is great, who doesn’t want good quality and low prices? The primer as you can see on my photo has a gorgeous satin finish that glides onto my skin effortlessly just using my fingers! My makeup still looks perfect after a full day at work or uni when I prime with this.  They also do different types to match different skin tones, so whatever your skin type, they will have a primer to suit you!

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

imageDescribed on the box as ‘stay-in place makeup’ and believe me, it does exactly what it says on the tin… Or box, whatever.

I have used my fair share of foundations over the years, some being the completely wrong colour in my secondary school days and the rest being either too thick, too thin, not enough coverage and all the rest of the problems us girls encounter when it comes to foundation.

Again, I used to use Benefit ‘Hello Flawless’, which, don’t get me wrong, was a lovely light-weight foundation that let my skin breathe, however I decided I wanted to go for something that can give me more coverage. That’s when I discovered Double Wear. Now, I must admit, this is the most expensive foundation around on the high street, retailing at around £30 a bottle. Even more expensive than MAC Studio Fix, which is what a lot of people I know use, but it is totally worth it. I use the Miracle complexion sponge by Real Techniques to apply Double Wear as it still gives a light layer to allow the skin to breathe, with a flawless, complete coverage finish.

I finish this look with Estée Lauder powder, which makes a perfect matte finish to the face and literally lasts forever. Always a winner.

Estee Lauder Shape and Sculpt Face Kit

This contour kit is very simple with only two colours, so it isn’t too confusing about where to put what… You understand what I’m saying girls. The cream is quite silky which means the contour slides on top of foundation without taking the foundation off beneath it. Retailed at around £34, the product may seem expensive for what it is, but I recommend as it is easily applied to the skin and is brilliant for beginners.

There is a handy sponge with the kit for the application, which I use to apply some of the darker areas of contour BEFORE putting on foundation (top left pic). This creates more of a subtle look and it is easily blended in. As shown in the picture I use the trusty well known (and brilliant) real techniques Contour brush  to blend. The bottom left picture shows the end result. Please note girls I am no MUA or expert and I admit that could of looked 10 times better.

Benefit Watt’s Up!

We all know the importance of a good Highlighter. This is the definition of perfection. It comes similar to a lipstick, which smooths onto the skin with one layer for an ultimate shimmer to the cheeks. Personally  I don’t like the way other liquid highlighters make foundation look patchy or as though it has worn off. The highlighter turns to powder on the skin after a quick blend with fingers.

I also highlight my under eye area and nose with a collection 2000 Concealer which I blend using the real techniques sculpting brush . Me and my friends swear by this collection concealer as it is sooooo cheap and gets the job done, what more do us girls need?

Real Techniques 

Do I have to say any more? Real Techniques in my opinion make the most Ah-mazing brushes and tools. If you’re looking for a real bargain pay attention. I bagged myself the core collection, starter kit for eyes AND the travel essentials kit all for £17.95 brand new off eBay. There is literally a brush for anything when it comes to these, so whatever you’re looking for they are bound to have it on their Website.

I would love to hear your comments below!

So, that’s it, all the products I use on my face. I will be making a post to review eye and brow products shortly to follow this. Hope you enjoyed girls!





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