The female body to a man.

Is the female body simply just a female body to a man? No other being about it, just a body. A body for them to freely examine and touch whenever suits them?

This is what I’m here to establish. What this body is in a man’s eyes. Linking to my previous post about sexual assault and groping, I want to investigate why men think this is even remotely okay?

OFFENSIVE: Online quotes about women.

This picture simply sums up my article. ‘A flag on a conquered fortress’. A fortress. Women’s body is now a fortress, something a man has to fight for, then once he’s conquered it the flag goes up then what? Is that it?

Objectifying the female body like this basically states the woman here is something that lots of men are fighting for, and when one man wins the battle and the flag goes up, he has conquered the world. Then the battle starts all over again.

Everyone both male and female have a cheeky look at some eye candy walking by. That’s human nature, a natural thing to look at something attractive. Touching these attractive beings may be another story.

I see this all the time, men slapping women’s arses, putting their hands round the woman’s involuntary waist, whistling at them. What does the woman do? She walks off and thinks it’s normal, because she probably gets this kind of thing all the time.

Why aren’t women doing something about this TOTALLY NOT OK masculine behaviour. Go over, slap him in the face if he slaps your arse, swear at him if he whistles, stick up for yourself. The female body is not a free for all museum in which men think they can take a piece of whenever they feel.

I live in the north of England, where this kind of thing happens ALL the time. I may have some of you readers thinking what the hell?! Men do this? Yes they do here, and I want to put a stop to it.

There will be a lot more on this subject on girlsgeek over the upcoming weeks so keep up to date with me and let me know your thoughts.




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