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My beauty wish list 

Hello girly girls I’m back! After some serious research on what to do my next post about, I have stumbled across some products that looks absolutely LUSH.

(By research I mean scrolling through endless insta beauty accounts and crying at how beautiful they all are, and also crying at the serious lack of money I have to buy all of the gorgeous products) sigh…

So instead of actually buying the products I thought I would dream some more and tell you girls all about them. I will not take any responsibility for any damage done to readers bank accounts due to serious temptation!

If you guys don’t have time to read, have a quick flick through these screen shots to see what I am dreaming of.

So firstly, a unique product that supposedly give us what we all desire: a set of luscious pearly whites!

Amour Noir Tooth Polish. From all of the posts I have seen about this, it is made of completely natural ingredients that whiten the teeth, too good to be true? I’d love to find out.

Although brushing my teeth with some powdery black charcoal kind of scares me…

To buy this product it will cost £18.50, which is worth it for a set of gleaming white teeth.

Onto the second product: Modern Renaissance palette, by Anastasia Beverly Hills!

I won’t lie, there is sooo many eyeshadow palettes that are screaming at me to try, but the list would never end and I would hate to bore you all!

For some reason, this ABH palette stands out from all the rest. I absolutely love the way there is so much colour all in one place, from plush pinks to smokey plum and grey tones, it makes me excited to see this palettes potential!

Lastly I want to share something totally affordable that I just haven’t got round to trying!

I’m sure every single reader has heard the hype around NYX, especially their incredibly matte liquid lipsticks.

Now I will admit.. I was sceptical at the beginning, five quid for a lippy can’t mean it’s going to be amazing surely.. But wasn’t I wrong!

A lot of people I know started trying these products and I was so surprised at the high quality and colour pigment.

I am yet to find a shade that suits me but when I have time to waste pondering the exactly-the-same-but-completely-different shades of nude I’m sure I will be buying some of these amazing lipsticks!

The list could go on forever with all the things I just so desperately need, but these top three I definitely won’t be forgetting about any time soon!

If any of you beauties have any of these please let me know your opinions!


2 thoughts on “My beauty wish list 

    1. Yeah I have! If you check out my ‘in the nude post’ I’ve wrote a little bit about them on there!! Been meaning to do a proper post about NYX!
      I’m dying to get the ABH pal letter have you got it?? X


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