In the nude … 

Hey girls! Since it is coming up autumn soon, the tartan scarfs will be coming out, the pavements will be covered in golden brown leaves, and our lips will be coated in beautiful browns!

I thought I would talk about some gorgeous nude lipsticks you might just want to try in the transition from summer to autumn.

I’ve sorted the lippy’s into two categories: pinky nudes and brown nudes… We all know every nude is COMPLETELY different, yet so similar.

Soooo as we’re still in summer, I’ll start with how these nudes with more pink undertones can come in handy.

It’s so important in the summer to let the skin breathe! There is nothing worse we could do than feel caked in makeup, clogging up our pores when it is so hot and stuffy outside.

If you tend to go for more minimal makeup during the summer months, pinks will brighten the face and draw attention to the lips, making you look automatically more rosy.

Pairing these nude pink tones with a calm rose coloured blush will also help to brighten and define the face, without having to apply a load of heavy products. If you aren’t keen on pink blush, bronzer will work just as well.

I will link all the products at the end of the post incase you’re interested in getting your hands on these yourself.

Now… Moving into Autumn, what is better to have in your handbag than a trusty brown nude to glide on whenever your feeling a little colourless as your summer tan is starting to fade?!

The more brown tones of nude will make your makeup look more dramatic, without it being too over the top, as it is only a nude rather than a full brown base colour.

Pairing brown lipsticks with burnt orange and golden brown eye shadows will give you the ultimate seasonal look.

While I am on the subject, I would love to follow up on my previous wish list post. I have finally tried the NYX liquid lipstick range and oh my god aren’t they insane! Obviously they’re nude, my favourite.

I couldn’t believe these little beauties are only £5.50 from boots! FIVE FIFTY! Amazing.

I tend to use the liquid lipsticks during the day so I don’t waste the more expensive MAC lipsticks so quickly.

So if you want more nudes, most of these are by MAC Cosmetics, the Browns, from left to right are: ‘Yash’, ‘Pillow Talk’, ‘Honey Love’, ‘Naturally Transformed’ then finally an Urban Decay lipstick called ‘Stark Naked’.

Now for the pinks from left to right, MAC Cosmetics: ‘Mehr’, ‘Velvet Teddy’, ‘Kinda Sexy’, NARS: ‘Barbara’ and another MAC: ‘Blankety’.

That’s it for now girls I hope I have been helpful, and apologies for any bank accounts that may be drained by temptation to get nudes!

Love Katie X


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