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Hi again! I have been nominated by my fellow beauty blogger Beth, to complete this tag! I’ve never done anything like this and I can’t wait to get writing and interact with other bloggers! So I’d like to thank Beth at Steal the Beauty for getting me involved.

To begin with, the rules are :
1. Thank the blogger who nominated and leave their link

2. Include a quote and one meme that you really like

3. Nominate 8-13 bloggers yourself

4. Ask your nominees 3 questions

5. Make sure you link the award creator: Hannah’s Wonderland

Meme/Quotes I love –

Just because you can NEVER have too much highlight
The best piece of advice you will ever receive

On a more serious note… 

Cliché but very true! Everything happens for a reason

Beth’s three questions were:

1) What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? 

Now this took me ages to narrow down as I don’t think I could ever part with any of my beauty products! But the one thing that changed my life forever (by life I mean brows) is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.

Since using it I just don’t think I could go back to any othe product, it makes your brows super fleeky! 😍

2) What are your top three most used apps on your phone? 

This should be an easy one! First of all is Instagram, I just love taking pics and I love stalking beauty pages posting all their gorgeous products!

Photography is a big interest of mine and I would love to be extra good one day.

Secondly, Pinterest. You can literally find ANYTHING you want to read about on here! The other night I found myself float from tattoo inspo pages right through to home decor, I love having a nosey at how different homes are decorated, it makes me so excited for when I get my own place!

Last but not least, I would say another app I use an awful lot is snapchat, purely because I would get really worried if Beth hadn’t posted anything on there in a couple of hours, and she’s rather entertaining!

3) What are you looking forward too the most about Autumn? 

I just love Autumn in general, the floor covered in gorgeous golden brown leaves and a constant cup of coffee in my hand, however the best thing about Autumn is the clothes that come out… Cute tartan scarfs and duster jackets all beige and crimson red.

Also when it turns Autumn we are one step closer to all the exciting winter holidays like bonfire night and Halloween.. Is it too early to mention the C word?! 🎅🏼🎄 oops!

My 3 questions for my nominees are: 

1) If you could give one makeup tip to fellow bloggers, what would it be?

2) What is your favourite chick flick of all time?

3) If you had to part with one beauty product, what would get the ditch?

My gorgeous nominees are: 

💄 Aliece

💄 Kim

💄 Aneesa

💄 Coralie 

💄 Rebecca

💄 Laura

💄 Beautyandshe

💄 LauraKate

Thanks for having a read!!

Love Katie X



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