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Cut crease first attempt + tutorial 

Hey guys! I’ve decided to try out the gorgeous cut crease eyeshadow effect for the first time tonight. Now I am certainly no expert in applying makeup, and it took me FOREVER.
I started by watching YouTube tutorials which were telling me to use a plastic spoon to outline the crease and seperate the dark crease colour from the lighter lid colour. Well that was harder than it looked I tell you now!

I guess with makeup techniques, all that matters is what works for you. Some of you will be experts at cut crease using a plastic spoon, whereas I just couldn’t get the hang of holding the spoon and applying the eyeshadow at the same time – not to mention getting the angle just right on both eyes! Too much effort for me.

I decided to try out tape along the crease of my eye lid, as it is very flexible and doesn’t require you to hold it in place! This was definitely the easiest technique for me. I also found it created a much sharper line along the crease compared to using the spoon.

So after applying the tape along my crease, I simply used a small pointed eyeliner brush to sweep chocolate brown just above the tape, followed by a burnt orange directly over the top to blend it out.

I repeated that three times to get some definition, pulled off the tape and swept a nude base colour along my lids! It was that simple!

Next I applied liquid eyeliner along the bottom of my lid into a wing to finish off the look. Make sure the winged eyeliner and the dark line along the crease are parallel and you should have the perfect cut crease!

Here’s how mine turned out:

I just love this look as it is something different and can be made to look as natural or as bold as you desire! A refreshing change from the usual smokey eye that can be used day or night!

Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know in the comments your favourite eyeshadow tips!

Love Katie X


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