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Love the skin you’re in: Skin care routine 

Hello girls!

I thought I’d do a quick post on the importance of caring for our skin and also to show you all the products I use!

Now I’ll admit, I haven’t used all these fancy skin care products for years. In fact, I only used to use a makeup wipe to take off my makeup before bed, and I never used to wet my face in the shower because I was told it gave you spots! Oops.

When I started to care for my skin more I bought clean & clear exfoliating daily wash and their blackhead scrub, because I was just getting sick of those bumps all over my nose.

So I’ll do a quick run through of the products I use and when I use them:

  • Soap and glory – Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk: I got this as part of the soap and glory ‘whole she-bang’ set and I love it. I pump it onto a dry cotton pad and work it into the skin, and it literally does melt away my makeup! I then give my face a quick splash of water to rinse off the excess product. After using this my skin feels so smooth and it even took away some of the clogged up pores and blackheads within the first use- bonus! Retailed at £8 for a huge bottle, you can’t go wrong.
  • Lancome – ‘Bi Facil’, non oily instant cleanser: I use this straight after using the peaches and clean, to remove my eye makeup. This product is such good quality and is soooo gentle on the eyes. Effortlessly removes eyeliner, eyeshadows and mascara, or you could even use it to remove your full face of makeup. As much as I love this for removing my eye makeup, it can feel slightly greasy on the face while I’m using it, but as soon as it is washed off with water there is no oiliness left.
  • Clean & Clear – Exfoliating Daily Wash and Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub: These two handy little bottles live in my bathroom ready to use as part of my daily shower. I don’t use plain soap on my face or any other shower gels, I just simply scrub these two one after the other to remove any excess makeup or dirt that has been missed when I’ve took it off. The blackhead scrub works within one go, instantly smoothing out the skin especially in those common areas blackheads usually are, like the nose and chin. After using these, you instantly feel refreshed and awake. If I aren’t going anywhere after using this I will apply the cleanser from Clean and Clear, otherwise I will moisturise with Nivea day cream before applying any makeup.
  • Garnier – Summer Body Moisturiser: It’s not all about the face! This stuff is brilliant for the rest of your body especially in the summer months. If you’re anything like me – the palest looking one of the bunch, you will swear by this. Not only does it moisturise, it will gradually build up a light tan, so you don’t have to look like a ghost all summer. Watch out if you have sensitive skin though girls as this gave me a tiny patch of excema on the crease of my elbow, which is unusual for me.

The importance of a good skin care routine:

Now I am no expert on this, but here’s what I think about having a better routine to care for your one and only skin!

Since using makeup remover instead of just giving my face a quick once over with a makeup wipe, I have realised just how much dirt I was leaving on my skin. With the remover, my skin was feeling smoother and my pores instantly became less noticeable as I was actually managing to get the dirt out of them.

I also didn’t realise just how much eyebrow pomade residue I was leaving within my eyebrow hairs until I noticed the makeup remover and face wash bringing out even the most stubborn clingy bits of makeup in the tough areas to clean.

We only have one skin, so we may aswell take care of it before we get old and wrinkly and realise it’s too late! If you’re like the old lazy me, I would recommend having a little change up in the face wash department. Here’s how to change it up gradually:

  • Start by swapping wipes with a cleanser to remove makeup, the skin will be instantly refreshed by this deeper cleanse and you will notice a difference straight away.
  • Introduce a face wash in the shower that suits you. Work out your skin type and look for washes that will suit yours. I tend to go for oil free products, even though I don’t have oily skin, I feel as though adding oily products onto my face could have a negative effect.
  • Find a brand of makeup wipes that work well for you and stick to them. Changing brands of wipes every time you run out will mean your putting different ingredients on your face week in week out. Keeping the balance the same will help to even out your skin and automatically make it healthier.

I hope this post has helped, and as always thank you for reading!

Love Katie X


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