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How to: glittery eyeliner 


So lately I have been seeing a lot of pics online featuring glittered eyeliner, and I’ve totally fell in love. Yes… Glittery liquid liners have been around for ages now but we don’t see them worn very often! I’ve pulled together a few subtle looks incorporating a gorgeous silver glitter liquid liner.

At the end of the post I’ve included some handy tips for when you try this!

1) Under the eye: 

I love this look because it is another take on such a popular every day makeup style. Simplistic makeup with a dramatic winged liner is just gorgeous, but I love the sweep of glitter beneath the eye to brighten it all up!

2) Directly above black winged liner: 

This is my fave sparkly look! Again this is another subtle addition to the classic winged liner. This draws attention to the intensity of the black liner, instantly making it look more bold and sharp. If you struggle to pull off black liner, if you feel it makes you look too goth-like, a sweep of glitter should get you looking just right!

3) On a dark smokey eye: 

I’m not the best at eyeshadow so I have kept the pics to a minimum on this one! Also ignore my terrible desperately-need-doing brows! Such a sad excuse for a beauty blogger!

Anyway… This smokey eye look automatically looks less fierce and dark with a line of glitter along the upper lash line. If you like to wear smokey eye but don’t want to look too sultry, try adding glitter to brighten things up!

4) Festival style: 

As there are lots of festivals going on over summer, we’ve seen it all when it comes to glitter. I’m digging them glittery hair roots people are doing for festivals by the way 😍

Back on subject, instead of taking pots of glitter to festivals and worrying about them spilling in your bags, all you’ll need is your trusty tube of glittery liner, and you can do what ever look you want!

Glittery liner do’s and dont’s: 


  • Be creative- find a look that suits you and your style.
  • Keep it to a minimum– Glitter overload is very messy and will look too much on your eyes.
  • Keep it tidy– Neat lines and tidy dots will look more effective.
  • Pair with matching eyeshadows- Silver/grey smokey eye will look great with silver liner, brown and gold shadows will go with gold liner… You get the gist.


  • Over do it- This look is better when it is subtle.
  • Spend loads- It’s unlikely you will use this every day so do what I did and grab a cheaper make, they really are just as good.
  • Mix colours- Unless your after a certain look, don’t mix silver and gold glitter liners, it’ll be too much going on!
‘Loreal’ Super liner superstar, and ‘collection’ dazzling gel liner

Hope this has helped! The eyeliner I have used is Collection, I’m not sure if you can still get it as I bought mine a while ago last Halloween! Hope it’s still out there!

Thanks for reading let me know any other styles in the comments!

Love Katie X


8 thoughts on “How to: glittery eyeliner 

  1. Great post! I love glittery eyeliner, in fact I used this exact one to line my eyes at a recent festival I went to which I just posted about! Lovely looks too 🙂

    Beth x

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