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How to // Make your scalp plaits even more exciting 

Hello girls!

Since I haven’t done any hair posts on the blog, I thought I’d do a little post on my favourite hairstyle ever- scalp plaits.

I grabbed a friend and experimented on a few different styles to make our plaits look more unique. They are all super easy to do, as I am no hair expert at all! 

Here I have done a simple pair of French plaits, but pulled them as tight as possible. This makes them stand out more and makes the look seem more bold and sharp.

Half plaits are so cute! This gets all your hair out of your face on a windy day, and still allows you to wear some hair down! This is another take on the classic half-up-half-down style and it looks fab.

This plait is another way to get the hair out of your face. If you need hair round the side of your head down to flatter your face then this is the look for you!

We added a few tiny hair extensions into this to beef it out a bit, which is always an option if  you have thinner hair.

This is my all time fave. Instead of a simple messy bun, having a plait up the back of the head suggests that more effort has gone into it, and makes you look overall more tidy and elegant.

Lastly, I thought I’d put in this Elsa inspired plait I created a while ago! If your wanting something extravagant and messy in a stylish way then this is what you want to go for!

We used lots of extensions in this and purposely done the plait very loose to mimic the style of Elsa from Frozen.

Hope there’s some styles you have enjoyed and thanks for reading! Let me know your faves 😍

Love Katie X


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