Powder contour or cream contour? 

Hey girls!

Today’s post is a comparison between some different contour techniques and products!

Personally, I have struggled in the past with cream based contouring: whether to apply before or after foundation, how much do I put on, is it gonna blend okay? It’s just such a struggle!

Today I found a little handy contour stick – Master Contour V by maybelline NY.

Master Contour V- £6.99 or $10.99

This has changed my views on cream based contouring. The stick glides on the face precisely just where you want it, and the best bit.. It is a dream to blend into the skin. This can be made to look as bold or subtle as you wish.

My only cristicism would be the dark and light colours being on the same stick, the product would be easier to use if it was double ended, one for each shade.

Here is the finished look using this master contour stick on my gorgeous model! I made it subtle and defined the cheek bones.

Moving on to the powder contouring, I’ve used the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette for a while now and I love it.

Pro series contour kit by ABH- £39

There are a range of Browns to choose from, to make your contour as deep as you require, and also 3 shades of the lighter colours to use for blending and highlighting.

Ps. You can see which shades I use the most, apologies for such a messy pic of my messy palette!

You don’t need much of this on your brush to achieve big, which is always a winner! This is retailed at a lot more than the contour stick featured above, but I’d say it is worth it if you prefer to use a power contour, plus it is super blendable!

Here is what the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette can do!

Now just incase you’re new to contouring or if you aren’t quite sure where-to-put-what, I’ve created a little guide to show you where you want to put your shading and where you want to highlight!

This is just a very quick demo! I usually tend to just define and highlight my cheek bones on a daily basis, however if I was wanting to go for a more glammed up look, I would do the full lot!

On this demo I used the Maybelline Master Contour stick and the Collection lasting perfection concealer as my highlight. After blending I topped it off with a dust of the ABH palette to give more definition. Remember- using both powder and cream is always a great idea!

Thanks for reading!

Love Katie X


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