Top bingeworthy TV series. 

Hi everyone! We allll have one of those days every now and then where we literally don't move from our beds and watch episode after episode of our favourite programme on Netflix, until the screen goes black and we get asked 'are you still watching Gossip Girl?'... as though Netflix is completely disgusted in the… Continue reading Top bingeworthy TV series. 


My Goals for Autumn

Hey everyone! I thought I would do more of a personal post today rather than an advice post or a review. Nothing too exciting that you would expect from a 'bucket list' type post - like your usual skydive or travel the world, it's more like a list of little things I want to do… Continue reading My Goals for Autumn


The Reach London – The revolution of pyjamas.

Hey everyone! Since it is now officially Autumn, and the nights are most certainly drawing in, with cold winter nights right around the corner, I take this a perfect opportunity to tell you all about the new luxury pyjama collection from The Reach London. They recently contacted me regarding their kickstarter campaign, to launch a… Continue reading The Reach London – The revolution of pyjamas.

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Expensive vs cheap fake tan – which do you prefer?

Hi again girls! Today's post I am going to focus on whether it is worth paying the extra money for expensive tan, or whether the cheap alternative is just as good. Now, anyone that knows me will know I am the palest of the pack, not able to tan when sunbathing or using sun beds,… Continue reading Expensive vs cheap fake tan – which do you prefer?


Autumnal Kylie Lip Kit & Singles – with swatches 

Hey girls, I've been desperate to review these Kylie lip products for soo long now, but I figured as a lot of the colours are very suited to the Autumn months, I'd hold on until now. I'm going to talk about four different singles - three lipstick & one gloss, plus telling you all about… Continue reading Autumnal Kylie Lip Kit & Singles – with swatches