Adam & Eco soy wax melts review 

Hey guys!

Slightly different post today about something I haven’t feature on the blog before, but I’m very excited to do so!

I recently ordered myself some lovely wax melts from Adam & Eco, and I’d love to share with you all how gorgeous they are.

If you’re unsure, a wax melt is a little peice of scented wax that you melt using a tea light and burner. When the wax melts into the holder on the top of the burner it gives off a scent. There’s better usage instructions on the Buy Wax Melts site don’t worry!

I ordered myself three different scents- Passion Fruit, Angel Wings and Jasmine and Sandalwood. I’ve finally tested them all out 😍

On opening the cute little cardboard box filled with three of each melt, I was greeted with a gorgeous scent of all three mixed together and I couldn’t wait to get one burning. There was a handy slip telling you which one is which, incase they are hard to tell apart!

Passion Fruit: 

This fuchsia pink set of melts looked lovely sitting in the box, I had to try this one out first. I tend to use melts and candles on a night when I’m winding down from work, and after a long week I was ready for a relaxing night in.

This wax melt was very effective as you could smell it straight away once the tea light was placed underneath and it was starting to melt. It was a very perfumed passion fruit rather than a fruity smell, which was fine to begin with, however it did become very over powering after a while. I am quite sensitive to strong smells!

The overall effect of this flavoured melt was incredible, as the room smelt of soft passion fruit for days, which was gorgeous 😍

Angel Wings: 

When I first used Angel wings, I was having a pamper day with the girls, so I decided to pop another melt onto the burner and give us all some relaxation.

I cannot fault this one at all! The room quickly smelt like a spa treatment room- if you know what I mean!

There was no description as to what Angel wings would smell like, but I knew by the name you can’t go wrong with a pair of angels wings and I was right!

This melt gave off a softer and more gentle scent, which I didn’t have to blow out after a little while, in fact I almost forgot to turn it off at all!

Jasmine and Sandalwood: 

This was the last melt I tried out as I wasn’t sure I was going to like it when I had a little smell of them all when they came, but boy was I wrong!

This was very similar to Angel Wings, as it was also a very gentle scent and not too overpowering. It was more of a woody smell which I am particularly fond of so I really liked.

I am also a huge fan of anything scented with jasmine, my shower gels, shampoos or anything I can get in jasmine will be, because it’s just so lush.

If you are thinking of getting some wax melts, I would definitely recommend Adam & Eco’s soy wax melts, priced at £1 for 3 you can’t go wrong for such great quality and free delivery!

Their site also sells burners and assorted boxes of melts for very good prices, I think I’ll have to treat myself to a new burner sooner or later.

Thanks for reading!

Love Katie X


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