Autumnal Kylie Lip Kit & Singles – with swatches 

Hey girls,

I’ve been desperate to review these Kylie lip products for soo long now, but I figured as a lot of the colours are very suited to the Autumn months, I’d hold on until now.

I’m going to talk about four different singles – three lipstick & one gloss, plus telling you all about two very popular and perfect for Autumn, lip kits!

Over-all, these lipsticks in both the kits and singles are very hard wearing, meaning these will literally not budge once they have been applied and have dried. This means they don’t require a top up, meaning they will last longer than your average liquid lipstick.

The lip liners are super smooth when applying them, however sadly, they do wear down very quick, and the nib of the pencil is not able to be sharpened without ruining the product. The lipsticks will out-live your liners.

Lip kits: 


This kit was a summer edition, however I still think this is perfect to be worn during Autumn. This is described as a ‘light cool tone nude’ which is pretty spot on, however I would say there is a hint of mauve in this lipstick, giving it the hint of summer.


This is a warmer mid-beige lip, as it had the darker brown undertones as opposed to the lighter tones of the summer Maliboo. These colours in a lipstick are essential for Autumn, warm nudes and brown tones are always present in the months leading up to Christmas.

Left- Maliboo, Right- Exposed

Kylie Lip kits are sold at $29/£22 which is pretty good considering you are getting a good quality liquid matte lipstick and a liner that has already been perfectly matched to your lipstick! I personally find it tricky to get a right match when I buy seperate liners and lipsticks, especially when ordering online.



Here is another perfect matte lipstick just in time for Autumn. This is a deeper nude which creates a more bold and darker looking lip colour, if you prefer to make a statement, this is definitely the colour for you this season!


The name pretty much describes this colour, as it is a chocolate-brown lip, another very bold statement colour. This was darker than expected on using it, but will be great when I am wanting to look more done-up.


Candy K is more of a pink based colour, for those who don’t wish to draw a lot of attention to the lips, and prefer a subtle look. Another nude lip is again, perfect for these cosy months.


This is the only gloss I have spoke about today, with the rest being matte liquid lips and liners. I am starting to become more fond of lip glosses, regardless of the current trend being matte lipstick. These are perfect for nights out, rather than day wear as the afternoon blustery winds of Autumn and a sticky lip gloss don’t mix well with us longer haired girls!

This colour is your typical nude gloss colour, one that everyone needs to own, to pull out when they aren’t quite sure what else to wear!

 From bottom- True Brown, Dolce K, Candy K. Gloss- Literally.

These Kylie singles are priced at $17/£13, which is very good value for brilliant hard wearing lipsticks and glosses. If you are in the UK, postage can be quite pricey so I would recommend ordering a few at the same time to get your money’s worth, rather than paying more for your postage than you have for your product!

Candy K ^

Candy K & Dolce K ^

Thanks for reading!

Love Katie X


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