Boyfriend makeup knowledge tag 

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Helloooo girls!

I’ve just been tagged by the lovely Beth to complete this tag, which is very exciting because I’ve wanted to do this tag for a while now! You can read Beth’s tag here.

I knew my boyfriend was clueless in the makeup department, as any boy would be, but Jesus Christ josh some is common sense 😫 here’s what he thought about what makeup I was using, and why I use it.

Bronzer: ‘I don’t even know what it is’

Blusher: ‘Makes you have more shape in your cheeks’

Mascara: ‘Makes your eyelashes stand out and lengthens them’

Eyeliner: ‘Extra eye feature, makes them look smaller’

Strobing: ‘Never heard of it, is it something to do with the lights?’

Eyeshadow: ‘For around the eye. You can have different colours and it makes your eyes stand out more and look bigger’

Powder: ‘To hide your skin’

Foundation: ‘Also to hide the skin’ it’s not a balaclava 😫

Concealer: ‘To cover any spots’

Highlighter: ‘For your face, to make it slimmer and give it definition’

Setting spray: ‘Do you spray it so your makeup doesn’t smudge?’

Contouring: ‘Gives definition to the face’

Primer: ‘Dunno, your main makeup?’

Lip liner: ‘To make your lips bigger on the outline’

Brow pencil: ‘For your eyebrows, to colour them in. You can shape your own eyebrow basically’

Serum: *moany & aggravated voice* ‘I don’t even know what that is’

Cleanser: ‘Cleans your face and smooths it out. You did it to me the other day, did I get that one right?’ How excited 😂

Micellar water: ‘I’m not sure, do you drink it to clear your germs?’ REALLY? 

Toner: ‘F**k knows’ God help. 

BB cream: ‘BB cream… Black head cream? What is it? How do people know this?’ Bless his heart 😂

Could you do my makeup the same way I do it everyday? 

‘Nope, I couldn’t be bothered’. Fair enough. 

Before asking if the test was hard, I decided to let him have a go at doing my makeup, just to educate his male mind a little bit more, and just incase I ever lost my hands and needed him to apply it for me. These things come in handy! Here’s how it turned out 😂

Just chill on the eyebrows josh! He was digging the pencil into them so hard. Don’t quite think he’s MUA material just yet with those wonky lips, but there were two things I was impressed with;

That contouring and highlighting which he didn’t seem to know anything about, was quite a good job! Also I can’t complain about that fleeky flick for a boy, not going to mention the other eye though 😫

Did you find this test hard? 

‘It was stressing me out! I didn’t know anything. I’m so OCD and doing the makeup was hard getting it the same on each side of your face’. That comes with practise babe. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!

I tag: Lauren and Jade 🤗

Love Katie X


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