Urban Decay // Naked Skin review

Hey you guys!

We all know the struggle of trying out a new foundation, making sure the shade is right, whether it quite lives up to the expectations and most importantly, if it makes us look as good as our current favourite! Recently I had a little impulse moment in my local Debenhams, and ended up walking out with Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation.

I did set out to buy some new foundation after completely running out of Estée Lauder Double Wear, however I wasn’t quite sure which one I wanted.

I’d heard from others that Naked Skin was very thin and didn’t have much coverage, but after trying out some of my friend’s, I actually really liked it, and can disagree with some things I’ve heard about it. Here’s what I thought:


Now, this isn’t the most important feature of any piece of makeup, but I must comment on the gorgeous design of the bottle, it would look great on any dressing table 😍

The round glass-like bottle with the sleek metallic lid gives off a ‘good quality’ and ‘expensive’ vibe. So glam.


This took some getting used too with the application. It is a very thin liquid makeup, which can result in being ‘spread’ round the face rather than buffed in to the skin properly. Getting the right brush or tool to apply this with is cruicial!

After some experiments with different makeup brushes, I have decided to use a small Real Techniques powder brush. The round surface and dense bristles buff the foundation rather than spread it, which was what I found using the stippling brush and expert face brush, both again by Real Techniques.

Urban Decay’s ‘Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush‘ is recommended for use with this foundation, and I would agree. After using a friend’s brush with the foundation it really does apply it like a dream.


After hearing this didn’t provide much coverage, I was skeptical to try it out, as I like to have medium – full coverage in my foundations, to cover up dark circles and blemishes.

On trying the foundation I was surprised to see how nice it went onto the skin, and how much coverage it gave, giving that it is such a thin liquid. This is a foundation that can be built up, to customise the amount of coverage you are after, however layering the foundation creates a stronger colour, meaning you could end up looking tango’d 🍊

Instead of layering, I would recommend using a concealer to add extra coverage to the parts you need!

finished look using Naked Skin


After getting used to it, I can say I’m in love with this makeup. It is more of a daytime wear, as it is completely weightless on the skin. For a more full glam look, this would need a few other products to top it up!

For £27 this is cheaper than other high end foundations, like Nars or Estée Lauder, and it is definitely worth it. As long as you have the right application brush this goes onto the skin beautifully.

The makeup is very brightening, which instantly wakes you up, making this a perfect daytime makeup. It is also extremely kind to the skin, with no harsh chemicals. There are a few stats on the bottle which claim that 100% of people who have used this foundation have noticed an improvement on the imperfections of their skin.


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