My Goals for Autumn

Hey everyone!

I thought I would do more of a personal post today rather than an advice post or a review. Nothing too exciting that you would expect from a ‘bucket list’ type post – like your usual skydive or travel the world, it’s more like a list of little things I want to do more of this season.

  • Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte – Now that it’s Autumn, everyone is raving about these, and I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit I’ve never had one! There.. I said it. I can’t even imagine I will like it, the only time I’ve been in front of pumpkin is carving them at Halloween and they stink?! I am hoping to hop on the band wagon and give these a go.
  • Take more photographs – Not selfies Katie no more selfies! One thing I really want to do this season is open my eyes to the beauty of Autumn and capture some gorgeous pictures of the great outdoors. I personally think Autumn is the prettiest season so it’s the perfect time to get some perfect pictures!
  • Go on more adventures – As I didn’t get to go on holiday this year because of saving for a big luxury holiday nextย year, I’m feeling really wanderlust now. I want to aim to get to some different places in my area and explore what the North East of England really has to offer.

  • Keep on top of uni work – Now that it’s my third and final year of uni, I’m sooo determined to get my head down and be a journalist geek. After all there is no better feeling than a sense of acheievement!
  • Create lots of photo albums – Although we all have our albums stored on smart phones these days, there’s nothing better than having cute little Polaroid style photos all organised in a pretty little album book or framed. It would also be so cute pegging Polaroids around my room ๐Ÿ˜

  • Keep on top of my nails – Anyone who knows me will know I constantly have boy nails or chipped nail varnish, which is a sad excuse for a girl I know! So from now on I vow to keep them in good condition.

  • Keep on top of my excersise regime – I’ve been so proud of myself over summer, sticking to a gym routine, and dragging myself out of bed most days to get there. Now that I’ll be busy with uni work this season I need to tell myself to fit in the hour at the gym still, regardless of how busy I will be!

Thanks for reading! Let me know all your goals for Autumn in the comments I’d love to know!
Love Katie X


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