Top bingeworthy TV series. 

Hi everyone!

We allll have one of those days every now and then where we literally don’t move from our beds and watch episode after episode of our favourite programme on Netflix, until the screen goes black and we get asked ‘are you still watching Gossip Girl?’… as though Netflix is completely disgusted in the fact we haven’t moved to eat or pee. Oops!

It’s all fun and games until the LAST episode is brought upon us, what will we do now?! Then we have to start the struggle of finding a new favourite programme all over again. That is why I’m here to help! I’ve decided to list all the shows I’ve seen that I think are worth investing your time in, because they’re just insane 😱

Now just because this is a girly blog, there will literally be something for everyone in this list. I didn’t realise I had such a diverse taste in TV! These aren’t ranked in any particular order because I just couldn’t decide which was best!

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  • Gossip Girl – If you’re into your chick flick girly films like Mean Girls or Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, this is YOUR series. There are 6 full seasons of your typical high school drama, with some characters to drool over as you watch 😍 *cough* Chuck Bass *cough*. Set in New York, on the upper east side of Manhattan, all the posh high school teens show you what life is like for them.
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  • Prison Break – I first started this series with my boyfriend, who didn’t really give me much of a choice. After the first few episodes, I’ll hold my hands up and accept defeat – I was hooked already. This story of brotherly love shows someone wrongly convicted and put behind bars for a life sentence. In a bid to break him out, his brother gets himself admitted to the jail with an elaborate but very clever plan to get him out. All about love and loyalty we see these jail-breakers running from the law for 4 seasons. If you’re into high action and suspense, this is definitely your show to watch. With rumours of season five airing in 2017 I am past myself with excitement. Hurry up already!!!
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  • Homeland – I love anything to do with high intelligence and how the law works beyond the government’s power, especially with terrorism. This series is all about how prisoner of war Nick Brody is accused of being sent back to America as a terrorist. This non-stop action packed law thriller is definitely one of my must see shows!
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  • Pretty Little Liars – This show is another teen drama, featuring 4 high school girls receiving strange threats from someone calling themself ‘A’, this suspense drama gets spookier and a lot more scary as it goes on. This is highly addictive and I would be very surprised if you’re reading this and haven’t watched PLL already!
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  • Wayward Pines – If you’re into more fictional drama, I would totally recommend Wayward Pines. Without giving it away, once you’re in Wayward Pines, you mustn’t discuss the past and you must never try to leave. This spooky mystery drama is a must watch if you like well.. spooky mysteries.

  • Vampire Diaries – For someone who hates twilight or anything with unrealistic storylines of witches and vampires, I was surprised how obsessed I am with this. If your stuck for something to watch and want something with non-stop drama this is definitely the one you should choose!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your favourite TV series in the comments! I’m always looking for something new to watch 💁🏼

Love Katie X


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