Motivation – Where do we get it?

Hi everyone!

My third and final year studying journalism at uni has come round incredibly fast, and has hit me like a tonne of bricks. Leaving me wondering what my plans for the future are, what I will do if I fail my degree, or what will happen if I struggle in the ‘real’ world. With all of these scary but exciting thoughts whizzing round in my head, it got me thinking of how to motivate myself to do the best I can in this final year of education.

So, where do we get motivation? Is it a concept that all of a sudden smacks us in the face and gets us into gear, or is it triggered by something else? Personally, I have felt more motivated to do well this year than ever before, maybe as it is my last chance to make something of myself.

Last chances are a huge motivator, or at least they should be. Whether it be in education, in the workplace, a volunteering slot, or even in a relationship, if this is your last shot at doing the best that you can, it is most likely you will try harder than before, it is common sense.Where some people would just give up, others will see this is a reason they haven’t yet completely failed. I am a true believer that if we put our minds to something, it will pay off.

Success is also a great motivating factor. If we are engaging in something we are wanting to achieve good results in, success will boost confidence and therefore make us believe in ourselves to keep going and do even better. But remember, success doesn’t always come straight away. Weight loss, for example, is a slow and dismal process, full of push backs and de-motivators such as caving in to a craving or gaining a pound when you were convinced you’d lost a few. These should never get in the way of the end goal, no matter how long it takes to get there, put the work in and you will.

As much as failure can throw us off course and make us think: ‘what’s the point anymore?’, it can also be another big motivator for others. Each time you fail in something or something doesn’t quite go to plan, be optimistic and think that was just not the route you were supposed to take. If you get another shot, this should be the biggest driving factor to do better that before.

Seeing others just like you succeed or meet their goals is also a message to tell us: ‘it is possible! If they can do it, I can do it’. In education, work or a diet for example, there is always going to be someone on the same journey who is better at it than you are, it’s inevitable, but there will always be people somewhere who are worse. This concept is a motivator in itself, where we should look at everyone around us and think: ‘They are doing it, so I will do it better’.

If you are reading this post in the hope of finding some motivation, I have a few little tips that I use to keep myself on track:

  • Get into a routine: A gym routine or a study timetable really helps organise ‘work time’ and ‘relax time’.
  • Little at a time: If I am writing a long essay or have a lot of uni work to do, I do an hour of hard work then have an hour to watch an episode of my favourite programme. Knowing that I only have to work for an hour at a time helps me stay on track.
  • Make lists: Having a lot to do can be daunting. Breaking it up and making it into a list of little tasks can feel satisfying as you tick them off. You will feel a sense of achievement quicker this way.
  • Stay organised: Having a tidy work/study space is already half the problem solved when it comes to the ‘CBA to do my uni work’. If it is a diet and exercise regime, try making a meal plan for the week or schedule what you will do in the gym each day.
  • Treat yourself: Have a reward in mind for when you complete your ‘task’ at hand. Also buying new things to aid you on your journey is a brilliant motivator, like new gym wear or new stationary.
  • Take time out: Always make sure you leave time to rest on your journey to success. Don’t rush and try and do everything last minute. Accept that things take time and allow for that.

I hope this post has helped! Thank you for reading as always.

Love Katie X


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