A saviour for makeup brushes everywhere… Dry brush cleaner

So, today’s post focuses on a product that was kindly sent to me by Dee&Co: Shadow Switch, Dry Brush Cleaner, by Beauty Essentials. Yes, you read that right, we can now clean our brushes without water!

I must admit, I was pretty sceptical about this bizarre new product on the market while I was waiting for it to be delivered. I couldn’t stop asking myself, how on earth does this work without a single drop of soap and water? Now that I have tried and tested it, I can now answer the questions you are all probably asking yourselves about Shadow Switch.

Shadow Switch is essentially a sponge, in which you sweep your eye shadow brush along between shades, to clear any excess pigment left between the bristles. I personally think this is a genius idea. We all know the struggle of wanting to use the same brush to apply two completely different colours onto our eyes, and knowing we can’t because our eyes will end up looking like a big smudged mess! This product solves all these problems.

I love Shadow Switch for cleaning my blending brush in particular. I am so useless at cleaning my brushes, it is the same old routine each time I come to blend my eye makeup out, where I have to give my blending brush a vigorous scrub with a tissue to remove as much shadow as I can. Now that I have this handy little sponge, I can simply do a few circular motions around the tin and voila! I have a lovely clean and perfectly blend-able blending brush.

Although this isn’t a long term brush cleaning solution (as we all should thoroughly clean our brushes with cleanser and water regularly), this product certainly makes mornings easier when it comes to ensuring your eye shadow brushes are always in good condition. An amazing between cleans solution!

The little tin literally holds a sponge, making it soooo lightweight and compact. You can literally take this anywhere. Forget taking every single eyeshadow brush you own away with you, just take your favourites and clean them up with this handy little companion.

For ยฃ5.99, I would definitely call this a staple makeup bag must-have. You can get your hands on this on Amazon, or alternatively, it will soon be available for purchase on Sephora, so if you are after your makeup bag’s new best friend, keep your eyes peeled as I can imagine this selling pretty quickly!


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