Battle of the Shadows

Hi girls!

As I play around with my ever-growing collection of eye shadow palettes, I am coming to notice more and more which ones I keep going back too, and which ones are pushed to the side gathering dust. I’ve decided to do a post ranking a few popular palettes in order from my top favourite, down to least favourite, to help you girls out incase you are thinking of buying a new palette and can’t quite decide which one.

I will start with my absolute FAVOURITE palette (so far) that I literally cannot seem to part with:

1) Too Faced – Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar – 


If I had to choose just one eye shadow palette to keep for the rest of my life, this would be it. I recently bought this on a whim in my local Debenhams after noticing there was a new Too Faced stand and not being able to resist. I’d never tried any of their previous palettes, but after a long while of trying to decide between the original Chocolate Bar palette and this one, I finally made the purchase.

The colours in the palette are appealing to any eye, especially those of a makeup lover like me. The thing that impressed me the most about this palette is the easiness of application. I found that each colour was so easy to blend out, which is always my struggle when it comes to applying eye shadows.

I love the way some shades can double up as highlighers, especially ‘Butter Pecan’ which I will admittedly say I use as a highlighter! If it is an autumnal palette you are looking for, I would definitely recommend investing in this.



  • Super Blendable
  • Amazing array of colours
  • Smells like chocolate – bonus!
  • Perfect for this season
  • Can be used as highlighter
  • Both daytime and nighttime colours


  • Some may consider expensive
  • No brush included

2) Urban Decay – Shadow Box –


I have had this palette for a while now, and I always find myself coming back to it for more of a daytime look. The Shadow Box is mainly shimmer shades, but they are perfect for a light daytime wear, as they don’t come across too full on.

There are so many looks that can be created using this palette due to the amount of different colours in it! The main reason I love this palette is for the pink/purple shades: ‘Bordello’, ‘Tornado’, ‘Flash’ and ‘Sin’. I always blend these together to brighten my face and create a gorgeous purple eye.

The colours in this palette are again sooo easy to blend, which is essential in any palette! The only downside to this palette is the small size of the colours, meaning Shadow Box may not last as long as other larger palettes. With the random selection of colours, it may be tricky for people like me who aren’t exactly makeup artists, to make full use out of all the colours.


  • Perfect for quick daytime looks
  • Blendable
  • Compact – easy to carry around in your handbag
  • A range of colours


  • No brush included
  • Small sized – may not last as long
  • Random colour selection

3) Makeup revolution – Beyond Flawless – 


Makeup Revolution is my favourite drugstore eye shadow brand. They have put so much attention to detail in their products and even created a dupe or two! They have a range of different palettes, some mimicking the likes of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, for as little as £4!

The minute this brand popped up out of nowhere and everyone was trying and testing it, I couldn’t wait to hop on the bandwagon and try it for myself. After browsing their selection I decided upon their Beyond Flawless Palette.

I bought this for a daytime wear, with lots of pinky shades, my favourite! For the cheaper price, I was impressed with the huge range of colours in the palette and also the size! There is a total of 32 different shades in this palette, which is guaranteed to last a while.

The only downside of this palette for me is the pigmentation of the shadows… Don’t get me wrong, these are absolutely fab for the price, and go on the eye lid wonderfully, they just require a little more shadow on the brush than your more expensive brands, but that can be expected right?!

I am also not the most fond of the packaging, I find the bright gold box and simple black plastic case quite tacky looking, but I guess you get what you pay for and it’s what’s inside that counts!



  • Affordable
  • Perfect for every day
  • Huge amount of colours
  • Good large size


  • Less pigmented
  • No brush included
  • Similar colour range

4) Urban Decay –  Naked 3 –


At some point when these palettes were popular and nobody was really using anything else, I was really fond of the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay, however as the world of makeup has suddenly evolved and all these new brands are making their way onto the market, I have grown less fond of these.

I have both the Naked 2 and Naked 3, which I used to use on a night mainly. I find that these are quite hard to blend due to the amount of pigment in the shadows. Trying to blend two colours together seems to end up like a huge smudge above my eye that wont blend out at all! I used to think this was just me being terrible at makeup, but as I have come to try new palettes and had no problem, I now know it is the shadows themselves.

This is a shame because the colours in Naked 3 are to die for, with gorgeous matte shades followed by the glitter shade to match! My favourite shade ever is ‘Tease’ which I will occasionally sweep over my lids if I am not planning on blending any together.


  • Amazing colours
  • Large amount of colours
  • Very pigmented
  • Brush included


  • Hard to blend together
  • Most expensive

I hope this has helped if you were considering purchasing any of these palettes! Thanks for reading.





2 thoughts on “Battle of the Shadows

  1. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar shares the first place of my favourite palettes ever with its younger sister – Chocolate Bon Bons. I agree with you, it is an amazing, simple to use yet rich and gorgeous palette. Love it! 🙂

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