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A different take on cliche halloween ideas

Hi girls,

My absolute favourite event of the year is fast approaching and I am getting super excited about this post!
If you are like me and absolutely love playing with makeup and experimenting with different looks you can achieve with your palettes, this post should give you hours of fun to play around with your makeup and hopefully achieve some amazing Halloween makeup looks!

I’ll put it out there, I am no expert in makeup at all, this is just a fun little post on a few Halloween makeup ideas I have tried and tested, and hopefully to give you some inspo if you are still undecided on what to go as for Halloween!

I am most definitely a makeup person when it comes to fancy dress, rather than the actual fancy dress outfit. The first thing someone will look at when talking to you is your makeup, and there is so much potential to give it all you’ve got on your face, and then worry about the rest later.

The Devil:


This is super super easy to dress up as! 9 out of 10 girls own a red dress, so dig yours out and there’s half of your costume sorted. Pop to your local pound shop for a set of devil horns and even a tail if your feeling adventurous, and leave the rest down to this super easy makeup!

I created this look using the BH cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette, as there are a range of different reds to blend together! So any palette you own with a few red shades should do the trick perfectly.

The key here is to focus all the detail on the eyes and lips, rather than just painting your full face red. This look took me all of half an hour at most, so if you aren’t one for messing around with complex makeup, this is definitely the one for you.



  • Use tape at the outer corners of your eye to create the sharp and neat line of shadow and liner
  • Mix a few different shades of red together rather than using just one block red colour.
  • Blend in some black shades to bring a dark element to the look –  it is Halloween after all!
  • If you don’t own black lipstick, blend black eye shadow onto the outer part of the lips on top of your red lippy.

The Ware wolf:


This was a look my friend was working on and I absolutely loved it! She created it using a mixture of shadow palettes, however because this look requires brown shades, you should get away with any palette you already own.

This is another look that relies heavily on the makeup rather than the outfit. The costume for a ware wolf is simply a black or grey dress, complete with a wolf tail and ears, the rest is down to the makeup and special effects.

Believe it or not, no face paint was used on this look, purely just eye shadow to shade the relevant parts in. This worked so well because of the amount of different brown shades we find in our everyday eye shadow palettes.

When it comes to the cut at the bottom, this was created using liquid latex and toilet paper, simply layering the two on top of each other, then peeling off once dry into the shape of a wolf type ‘slash’ on the neck. This was a first attempt and not blended into the neck properly, however if you do attempt this,  I would make sure you have foundation and powder to waste as it does take a lot to cover up the whiteness of the tissue paper.



  • Practice with liquid latex before the day you want to actually leave the house with it – it can take some getting used too.
  • Push brows upwards and conceal the arch, to create the illusion your brows are straight.
  • The world is your oyster with this look –  have as much fun as you want with all your brown shadows.

I am hoping to get more halloween looks onto the blog before Halloween so keep your eyes peeled for some more! Hope you enjoyed 🙂




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