We can’t live without the essentials…

Hi everyone!

I can’t wait to share this post with you all, to show my love for the everyday essentials I have at the moment. I aren’t the type of girl to stick to one particular brand of shampoo for the rest of my life, or the same skin care – I find it so much more fun to try out new brands, because you never know, they could be that extra bit more special than your current one. With the ever-changing health and beauty industry, new products are always being released, and I’ve always questioned what is so special about them?

Not all the products in this post are new releases, but they are products I have tried for the first time and absolutely loved! Us girls can’t live without our daily essentials, and having ones that are super nice makes life a whole lot happier – it really is the little things!

Firstly, Garnier Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Restorer.

Now anyone that knows me will know how much I hate washing my hair. Yes, I’m that girl that will try and make my hair last for as long as possible, stretching the no-hair-wash periods for as long as I can with dry shampoo and a hair bobble.

I spotted  both the shampoo and conditioner on offer in my local Superdrug and decided to try them out. The minute I opened the bottle I knew I was onto a winner, with the gorgeous scent of coconut oil and cocoa butter. Just close your eyes and imagine being in the shower, surrounded by the two most gorgeous scents in the entire world… Amaze.

As for what they do to your hair, I can also say they do the trick. I have been blessed with quite good hair, which is lucky as I’m not shy to a few too many bleach applications to lift it blonde, and also trying out funky colours like grey and lilac, through it all my hair has stayed thick and healthy luckily!

This shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair feeling super soft. As it is the sleek restorer, it obviously aims to restore any unhealthy parts of you hair, leaving it feeling as though it has had a mask treatment. I was disappointed however that my hair didn’t stay smelling like cocoa butter for very long afterwards, but the brief moment in the shower was soooo worth it.

Skin Care

I’m going through a bit of a face-mask phase lately, and I’m loving it. I recently purchased the LOREAL Pure Clay Purity Mask – which is the green one out of the three. I was in desperate need for something to unclog my pores and just overall make my skin feel replenished. The thing that surprised me about this product was the thick consistency – it really is like liquidised clay.

All three skin care products go hand in hand with each other, as I also team up my face mask with the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser I recently received in a free gift! They don’t half do the best free gifts. This is a cream based cleanser than foams up on your face when applied. I can’t describe the scent other than saying how fresh and clean it smells.You can certainly tell this product is up the higher end of the beauty brands, as your face literally feels like silk after washing it off, with no blackheads in sight – what more could we want?

Although all these fancy masks and cleansers are absolutely fab, they can be a bit of a nightmare on those days where you just cannot be bothered standing at the bathroom sink splashing at your face trying to scrub off the remnants of it. That’s where the makeup wipes come in handy. The ones I bought this time around are Johnson’s Face Care Pampering Wipes. I personally have always loved Johnson’s makeup wipes. They are such top quality in terms of thickness, wetness and how gentle they are on the skin.

When I noticed these wipes on offer in Superdrug I jumped at the chance to buy some. I’d never tried these ones but the lilac packet looked really pretty so I bought them . Not a valid reason I know, but it paid off. These wipes are specially designed to ‘prepare the skin for bedtime’, with a relaxing moonflower scent. I love anything relaxing, especially smells- I’m strange like that, and as I have been experiencing a few things that have been stressing me out lately and I’ve just overall struggled to relax and unwind at night, these have come at the perfect time.

Everyone that has visited my house I have threw the pack of wipes at them like: ‘smell these NOW they are unreal’ and everyone has agreed. They really are so relaxing, it’s like wiping away your troubles along with your makeup! Totally recommend.

Hugo Boss – The Scent perfume.

This is Hugo Boss’ new perfume range, which was kindly bought for me by my boyfriend, who I have just found out has a bloody good taste in perfume. He has always been a lover of the Hugo Boss aftershaves, but I’ve never really considered Boss as a girls thing until now. The perfume is a light floral but sweet scent, that I wear during the day.

If you are looking for a new perfume to pop on your Christmas list, or you are looking for one as a gift, I would definitely recommend going to give this a try in your local perfume shop.

Kate Moss Lipstick, Rimmel London

A nude lippy should be on everyone’s daily list of essentials. I literally swear by this lipstick. It goes with pretty much every makeup look as it is so subtle yet statement at the same time. The gorgeous nude brown is also perfect for Autumn – and should never be missing from your handbag.

If you haven’t already, I would definitely check out the Kate Moss lipstick range in your local drug store. They are perfect everyday lipsticks and would also make a fab stocking filler or two.

Hope you have enjoyed this! Thanks for reading – let me know what your favourite essentials are in the comments, I’d love to check them out!


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