My Younique Experience

Hey girls!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve had a tonne of deadlines for uni due in before Christmas and on top of that I’ve been working my part-time job pretty much full time lately! Tired is not the word, feel me?

Anyways, over this hectic period, I received the cutest parcel from the lovely Saph, that contained a full sized Younique opulence lipstick, a detoxifying mask and a sample of their Renewing Day Cream. I can’t wait to tell you lot all about them!

I’ll start with the Lipstick I received, which I must say was the perfect shade for me. If you like rose coloured lipsticks, that aren’t too bright and in-your-face, you will love the shade I received which was ‘upper class’. I will be honest… when it comes to makeup, especially lipsticks, I tend to stick to the brands I have used before, and those that a lot of others are using, until I got the chance to sample a brand like Younique, which allowed me to see what other brands are like that I wouldn’t of thought of myself. This made me realise what a big mistake I was making by not branching out and giving other brands a chance.

This Moonstruck Opulence Lipstick is sooooo bloody good. It was a lovely rose colour, with  a hint of shimmer in it- making it more unique to other lipsticks in my makeup bag. I was so impressed with this, I had to look up the original price to see how much it was sold for – and it came as no surprise that it is retailed at £15 – the same as the infamous MAC lipsticks. I would love for Younique to be the go-to brand for lipsticks in the future as they truly are amazing, and it’s a shame other more larger companies outshine these ones.

The detoxifying mask from Younique’s ‘Royalty’ range I received was something I had been wanting to try for a while. With all these jet black masks out there on the market, I needed to see what the hype was. I was sceptical at first to putting a jet black mask on my face – what if it stains?! I’m stupid, I know.

You don’t need a lot of this mask to cover your full face, which is fab as a full sized bottle would last ages. Upon the application of the mask, you can feel it bubbling or ‘fizzing’ I’d like to say, on your face. I’m not quite sure why but I guess that is a way of telling that it is getting to work on your skin, quite cool really! I was amazed at how gentle it felt on my skin, even when it was dried. Usually face masks leave you with such a stiff face you can’t even move your mouth – but not this one. The mask was flexible on the skin and also felt so soft to touch when dry, I almost forgot it was there until I looked in the mirror and seen a black face staring back at me.

The detoxifying mask was easy to wash off with warm water, and left my skin feeling lush. I suffer a lot with blackheads on my nose so it is vital for me to use a face mask or a treatment of some kind at least twice a week  and this was a saviour. Smooth nose, smooth cheeks and also a non oily T-zone. What more could a girl want? Seriously impressed with this mask.

A little sample of Renewing Day cream was also sent to me, which was so refreshing on the skin. It smelt a mixture of tea tree and lavender, which I think are gentle and calming scents. The cream was so moisturising and also quite thick in texture, which gave a very good quality vibe.

All in all, I can definitely say I will be considering this brand a lot more when it comes to new makeup and skin care, as these products were a dream. I underestimated the quality of these lipsticks and was also very surprised about the skin care – never make assumptions until you have tried something!

Thank you for reading!


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