Go Glam Gala 2017 

Hi everyone!

I am finally back blogging after a well needed break to focus on the crazy tonne of deadlines I have had at uni lately, but I am soooo happy to be back!

This time last week I was lucky enough to go all the way to London with my bestie Beth, for the Go Glam Gala, hosted by Scarlett London and Go Send. This was basically a chance for bloggers and youtubers to get together and let our hair down!

I was sooo excited for this as I had never ever been to London before, and was desperate to see some gorgeous sights, meet some new people and just overall enjoy such a wonderful opportunity.

Meeting some amazing vloggers was the highlight of my night, plus the endless amount of free cocktails on offer, obviously!

I’ve put together a little video/vlog attempt – nothing professional hehe, check it out here to see my full experience of London and the gala!

Thanks for reading/watching!!



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