My Sephora haul 

Hi girls!

Here’s my first ‘haul’ post, featuring a mixture of goodies I bagged myself on my FIRST EVER trip to Sephora – can you believe it 😱

My area doesn’t have a Sephora so the only way I can usually get hold of it is online which isn’t bad but I just get sooo impatient waiting for packages! I got my goodies in a recent trip to Krakow surprisingly. I was so shocked when I was just strolling along past a load of shops I’d never heard of… until I had to double take the huge ‘SEPHORA’ sign – instantly grabbing my boyfriends arm and dragging him into probably the most boring hour of his life (that is probably how long I spent in there – oops)!

After coming out with a hefty chunk of our spending money gone I was chuffed to bits with what I bought:

Beauty Blender

The infamous beauty blender, of course. After using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge for as long as I can remember now I NEEDED to try this little gem.

It’s a lot more light weight than the RT sponge, which I wasn’t expecting for some reason. After experimenting with the two, I like to use my RT one for foundation, then the beauty blender for concealer and cream contour, this is simply just what works best for me.

I’ve been told that the different colour beauty blenders are for different things, I was oblivious to this I some how must of been living under a rock! Someone please correct me if I’m doing it wrong 😂

Liner Designer

This handy piece of kit is also made by beauty blender. I love how I have legit waved goodbye to the stressful dodgy eyeliner days – having to re-do it ten times over until it looks half decent. This little pink triangle makes getting ready in the mornings way easier, and quicker!

The Liner Designer is simply a small stencil that guides your liner into the right direction. There are three edges on the stencil depending which type of winged liner you want. It helps ensure the wings are even on both eyes and also creates the perfect wing on the first attempt – a MUST in any makeup bag.

The case it comes in also has a zoomed mirror and a suction cup, so you can press the case with the compact mirror onto the wall or the mirror you are using, and see perfectly exactly what you are doing with your eyeliner. I don’t tend to use this every time as I prefer to look into a normal mirror, however it’s nice to know it is there if I need it!

Liner using liner designer


Sephora ‘The Delicate’ eyeshadow palette: 

I have tried to link this product however it is not currently being sold on the Sephora website as it was a limited edition palette.

This palette is an everyday gentle looking palette, which is very dainty, holding nine small triangle shaped pans of shadow. I can understand why this is called The Delicate palette, as it contains very soft colours.

I like to turn to this palette when I am after a subtle look during the day, for work or for uni – although there are some gorgeous shimmer colours that would be perfect for a more dramatic glam look.

The palette is very small and lightweight, meaning it is perfect for travelling – however it also demonstrates how small the colours are. This is made up for by the pigmentation of the colours – one sweep of the brush and your all set.

One thing I am amazed about with Sephora is the affordability of it! I can’t remember the exact price of this palette as I bought it in Krakow and the currency is confusing as hell there! I know it was cheap for the quality of it.

Sephora Smokey Eye Brush Set:

This cute little set of 4 brushes are all essential brushes for any look. There is nothing worse than over-sized and overpriced brush sets with a load of brushes that probably never be used.

This set reminds me a lot of the Real Techniques bold metals eyeshadow collection, but on a smaller scale. They are great quality brushes for a small price which is the best thing ever. They are priced at $19 on the Sephora website, which is a fraction of the price you would pay for similar brush sets.

I reach for these brushes every time I do my makeup, however I always need to use others too. They are a handy little addition to an existing eyeshadow collection – and with the small scale of the set, they definitely won’t go un-used.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this little Sephota haul, and I hope I have more to show you next time!

I have been considering creating a post showing you all about the rest of my trip to Krakow- it is such a gorgeous place! Let me know if you’d enjoy it?!



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