Krakow – the most beautiful city 


This post is slightly late due to how busy I have been with other stuff! But I can’t wait to share my picture diary with you all from my recent New Years trip to Krakow 😆

This was mine and my boyfriend’s Christmas present off his gorgeous mum, who knew we have both been dying to visit auschwitz!

The minute I arrived there I was awestruck at how gorgeous the city is, especially with it being covered in snow – my favourite 😍❄️

I’m not going to write too much in this post – it’s more of a picture gallery! If you have visited Krakow you’ll understand me when I say it is just the most lovely city, filled with so much history. Those of you who haven’t been, and are into city breaks I would definitely consider it!

While in Krakow we did some sightseeing, visiting attractions like Auschwitz and Wawel castle. Auschwitz was such an emotional, eye opening experience. I don’t want to include too many pictures of this trip out of respect.

Wawel castle


Besides all the typical tourist spots, we mainly spent our time in cute coffee shops and bars, wrapped in blankets provided by them due to the extreme (and I mean EXTREME) cold temperatures outside!

The overall beauty of the city is what I loved, I’m so sad I only had my phone with me to take pictures as it doesn’t even do it justice!

If you are planning a trip to Krakow I would definitely recommend checking the temperatures before you go! When we were there the average temperature was around -10 degrees – meaning I literally could not of survived without my thermals!! I’ve heard in summer it is just as extreme with high temperatures, so watch out!

Thanks for reading, hope I haven’t bored you too much with pictures 🙈


4 thoughts on “Krakow – the most beautiful city 

  1. I liked your pictures. I would not have minded the temperatures. Where I live it’s much, much colder than that. I will be visiting Poland this summer, looking forward.

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