THREADS false lashes review

Hi girls!

Threads & Co kindly sent me some gorgeous false lashes, which I cannot WAIT to tell you allll about!

I received two different pairs of lashes, a pair which is more natural, and another which are more for a glammed up look, and I am in love with both.

I was sooo chuffed when these came in the post as I literally had no idea what they were sending me, I was over the moon when I opened the cute little pink package to find two pairs of lashes!


I had actually been wanting some lashes but I had no clue where to start with ordering some, so these were the perfect little package, and I couldn’t wait to test them out!


These lashes look the most natural of the two pairs when in the box, however as soon as they are on the eye they add so much length and volume to the lashes, they would definitely be worn when going for a glam look.

I love the wispy effect the lashes give when applied to the eye, as they look more like individual lashes or LVL’s rather than a full false lash – which is amaze because that is what I prefer!

These lashes were the ones I thought were the most glam, until I put them on and they enhanced my own lashes and made them look thicker, rather than giving extreme noticeable length, which I preferred because I HATE lashes that look totally unrealistic.

Another reason why I loved these Charleston lashes is the way they differ in length and aren’t all one length – this again makes them look more natural.and not over-fake.

Both sets of lashes came with glue to apply with, and even the glue was good! When I think of false lashes I picture the inner corners hanging off, the whole lash looking lopsided on my eye after an hour or so, but not these… If anything they were hard to pull off!

There is absolutely nothing worse than lashes that look extremely thick and completely false (which is hypocritical because I’m talking about false lashes) however these ones just don’t fall under that category.

I found that the application was effortless, and when on the eye they didn’t have that awful ‘fake’ look, instead they gave a lovely enhancement to my natural lashes.


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