Z-Palette heaven 

Hiii everyone!

So, I’ve decided to write a post showing my love for the best things God put on this Earth – individual eyeshadow pan’s.

Me and my friend Abbi have been collecting the individual Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans for a while now and I can finally show you how cuuute they look!

The best thing about these is the fact you can build up a custom made palette that is unique to you without any shades that you don’t like or won’t use.

I have decided to swatch all the shades in each palette incase you are thinking of investing!

My palette: 

This is the top row of the palette, (left to right) ‘I’m peachless’, ‘bake sale’, ‘cosmopolitan’, ‘anarchy’, ‘Tuscan sun’, ‘mango tango’.

Second row (left to right) ‘prom night’, ‘cinderella’, ‘pillow talk’, ‘backlight’, ‘pop culture’, ‘toxic’.


Last row (left to right) ‘unexpected’, ‘friend zone’, ‘moondust’, ‘enchanted forest’.

Abbi’s palette: 

Top row (left to right) ‘homecoming’, ‘moondust’, ‘Barcelona beach’, ‘petal pusher’, ‘cupcake’, ‘pillow talk’, ‘sensuous’.

Second row (left to right) ‘tiki hut’, ‘pocket change’, ‘creme brulee’, ‘cosmopolitan’, ‘nostalgic’, ‘backlight’, ‘fairy tale’.

Third row (left to right) ‘chickadee’, ‘glamorous’, ‘cinderella’, ‘mango tango’, ‘simply marlena’, ‘showtime’, ‘unexpected’.


Bottom row (left to right) ‘grandstand’, ‘cocoa bear’, ‘frappe’, ‘anarchy’, ‘burlesque’, ‘bitten’.

The Z-Palettes come in different sizes but of course we got large to fit in the most eyeshadows because why not?!

Makeup Geek are soo affordable as each pan is only £6! So even just buying one at a time would be something to look forward too!

The downside is that it takes time to build up a palette but every step of the way it gets more and more dreamier!

Thanks for reading and hope you have enjoyed this post!


7 thoughts on “Z-Palette heaven 

  1. This is really neat! I don’t think they are selling anything like this in US stores near me!! I’m surprised that Sephora is not doing something like this. Awesome idea, love all the shades you put together

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