Spring Favourites

Hey girlies,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I’ve been soooo busy working on my final university project along with other general stuff, which is just part and parcel of life I guess eh?!

I’m certain that this post will make up for lost time though as it features the most gorgeous palette ever – Too Faced Sweet Peach! YUM.

I’ve pulled together a few little bits that I know I am going to LOVE this Spring, in fact I’m already loving them. Totally.


This whole collection is absolutely insane – however my bank account seems to seriously disagree! Sigh.

The eye shadow palette was a 21st birthday present from my bestie Beth – who also wrote a post on this palette here.

OH. MY. GOD. This is the dreamiest and summeriest (is that a word? Is now) palette I own and it’s already become my everyday go-to palette.

There are so many looks to be created with this palette as the colour range is so diverse – ranging from pinks, peachy colours and browns, through to purple and greens. Fab.

I’ve always found the Too Faced products so blendable and this palette doesn’t disappoint. It can be as subtle or dramatic as you like!

The only criticism I would have for this palette is that some colours are pretty random, and require an MUA to figure out how they can fit in – and I’m unfortunately not fantastic at makeup… YET.


Top row
Middle row
Bottom row


I’ve heard such a hype around Primark’s stick on fake nails and tried to resist for as long as poss.

If I’m honest I’ve always hated stick on’s, as I associate them with falling off after a day – nothing worse.

After hearing such good things about these Primark ones, I hate to admit I didn’t believe it – fake nails, from Primark for a POUND, hmmmm what’s the catch.

I was on one of those shopping sprees where you buy a load of pointless crap you don’t really need, and I picked up some of these.

I splashed the cash and got a set of the £2 chrome style ones which are sooo pretty.

I only applied them today and so far all 10 are still in tact – if they stay in place I will definitely be turning to these over the Spring/Summer period instead of paying £30 for acrylics – neeee thanks.

(I haven’t linked these as they aren’t on the website).


This highlighter kicks ass all the time without fail, but for some reason I stopped using it over the winter and alternatively used a highlight shade out of my Semi Sweet palette instead.

This is more of a cream based stick highlighter that turns to powder on the face – lots of people hate cream based products and I am usually one of those, but this is different for some strange reason.

I’ve dusted this off and brought it back out as it is such a gorgeous bronzed colour – perfect for Spring.


Normally I aren’t a lover of lip gloss – hair sticking too it when the wind blows and all that jazz, not my cup of tea, but I’m trying to teach myself to love it this Spring.

It was a free gift from Lancome and I just love the blush pink colour, teamed with minimal nude shadows or even the subtle tones in the Sweet Peach, this will make the perfect Spring makeup look.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed my big return to my blog!


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