Hey girls!

This post is on the famous Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.


The newest and most talked about palette since Modern Renaissance.

On first glance, it looks as though the colours won’t work together, but on absolutely drooling over this for hours on end, I’ve spotted some lush combinations.


It’s not just nice to look at, the shadow is SO pigmented, like WOW.

I have searched all colours so you can get a feel for them:



I must admit, I didn’t dive straight into ordering this one, as I was soooo unsure at first on the way I would use it and how the shadows I already have could compliment it. After lots of staring at it, I finally took the plunge.


Aren’t I glad I did?! I feel like framing it and putting it on my wall instead of using it.

On looking through the official ABH Insta feed, they had me sooooold!


They have showed some gorgeous looks and the ways in which this can be used, I will put together a separate post with some looks I create when I have chance to play about.

Now for the most important part!


  • Nice packaging
  • Comes with brush
  • Mixture of colours
  • Very pigmented
  • Mix of shimmer and matte


  • Expensive
  • May be hard to use colours together

Thanks for reading!



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