Perfect Autumnal Pigments


Since it is has turned September and the nights are drawing in, winter coats have been dusted off and leaves are starting to cover the paths, and the candles are lit.. extra blankets have been brought out.. slippers and dressing gowns are in full swing – IT’S AUTUMN – can you tell I’m excited?


I thought it would be the perfect time to feature a collection of single eyeshadow pigments perfect for the transition from Summer through to Autumn.

While keeping the summer sparkle but ensuring to introduce warmer and more burnt autumnal tones, what better way to do so than with shimmery pigments.

Eeek I am so excited for this.

This pigment collection has colours from Violet Voss, Dose of Colour, Bare Minerals and MAC!


Loose pigments are the perfect way to make an eyeshadow look POP, as the shimmery-ness of them is amazing. Unsure if ‘shimmery-ness’ is a word, but it is now.

First up – MAC


MAC pigments are just so amaze. They can be layered up to create a bold look, or lightly applied just like a normal eyeshadow.

To make these stick, I use the Two Faced Glitter Glue – which is just an eyeshadow primer specially for pigments and glitters as it has a sticky element to it.


From top to bottom on the swatches:

  • English Gilt
  • Gold Glitter
  • Old Gold
  • Tan
  • Copper Sparkle
  • Glitter Reflects Rust
  • Heritage Rouge

How Autumnal are the lot of them. Towards the bottom.. Dare I say it – Christmassssy!

Next – Dose of Colors


The thing I like most about these pigments, is that you get a cream eyeshadow/base to help them stick.


This can be used on it’s own, or with the loose pigment to create a bolder look.


From top to bottom:

  • Sunset
  • Shell

Violet Voss – Glitters


HOW GLITTERY are these. These are definitely to be used when we’re well into the autumn/winter months – they can brighten anyone’s dull day.

They will last all the way through to New Year – glam, glam and moreeeee glam.


Top to bottom:

  • Galaxy 3D
  • Coppertini
  • Marlee

Bare Minerals


Bare Minerals have such a huge collection of pigments, you wouldn’t believe it!

I love these two more neutral shades for adding some extra shimmer to your day to day eye look.


Top – True Gold

Bottom – Queen Phyllis (which can also double up as a highlighter)

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and are all excited for the upcoming months – the BEST time of year!




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