Beauty · Blogtober 2017

Blogtober day 3 – Autumnal make up series #2


Day 3 of blogtober will feature another look to add to my makeup series.


I’ve used individual eyeshadows by Makeup Geek to create this look. I created this palette myself with the help of the Z-palette. The thing I love about this is the fact you can CUSTOM MAKE your dream palette.


The shades in the photo are: (left to right)

-Mango Tango
-I’m Peachless
-Tuscan Sun
-Pillow Talk


I’ve applied Tuscan Sun in the crease as a base for this look. I’ve then added Mango Tango to the outer corner for a pop of colour along with Anarchy to darken it up.


To finish this look I’ve added Cosmopolitan to the lid with my finger to create a shimmery look. Cosmopolitan was a must for this look as it toned down the pinky shades and brought them into Autumn.


For a extra pop I added I’m Peachless to the inner corner and dusted Mango Tango under the lash line.


To keep things simple I added Mac Lipstick the shade Modesty.

Hope you enjoyed, if you have any Makeup Geek shades you’d recommend then let me know in the comments!


Katie x


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