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Blogtober Day 9 – Colour Pop Haul


Ahhhh I am so so so excited to write this post allll about Colour Pop cosmetics.


I just can’t get over at how gorgeous the packaging is for these products, it’s as though it is made to be photographed and be featured on the Instagram feeds of many bloggers.


The four things I’m featuring on today’s post are all eyeshadows, some palettes and a set of four individual Super Shock shadows which are just to bloody die for.

I Think I Love You


I bloody do… Very much. The overall aesthetics of this palette are sooo autumnal and just gorgeous to look at.


A lot of palettes have the same kind of colours as what is in here – brown and neutral shades – but who can have too many right?


The palette includes a mixture of matte and shimmer which is always a definite winner especially as the shimmer shades are clearly designed for when a more glam look is desired.



Anything croc print and it’s mine of course.

This lil palette only holds four shades which can be replaced once empty – bonus!


The shades in the palette are a lot bigger than those in any standard shadow palette, which is fab as they will take waaaaay longer to run out.


hi maintenance 

This one is veeeery similar to the previous palette to any normal eyes, however in a makeup lover’s eyes the shades are totally different.


The two palettes work well together as well as on their own.


Loveline – Super Shock Shadow Collection 

Colour Pop do a range of individual Super Shock shadows, which are also sold in collections such as this one.


After seeing the swatches on their Insta story, they just looked sooo pigmented, I had to test them for myself.


They weren’t lying when they named these super shock shadows –


This whole haul cost £36 – which amounted to over $50 meaning freeeee delivery oh yes.

who else has any Colour Pop makeup?! I’d loveee to know your thoughts 😍

Thanks for reading!




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