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Blogtober Day 11 – How I achieve a full coverage base


Day 11 of Blogtober and still going strong! I must say to everyone who is doing this WELL DONE, we’re in this together!

I’m giving myself a huge pat on the back for blogging a full 11 days in a row, alongside a full time social media marketing job (which unfortunately means social hours n inconvenience blogging time frames).

So to celebrate my achievements, I’ve decided to write a post on how I manage to get a full coverage base on my face makeup.


This is something a lot of people want to achieve and there are sooo many different ways to go about this and products to use – it can get slightly confusing!

Now, when scrolling through Instagram, there’s always makeup accounts posting pictures of models makeup – whether this be eye makeup, face, lips – their skin will ALWAYS look unbelievably flawless. This then sets the bar unrealistically high on our own makeup expectations and fills us with self doubt in whether we are even applying it properly?!

After years of trial and error with makeup, I’ve finally found a routine I am happy with and products that suit my skin.

Note – the routine in this post is only for when I go out and get glammed up, my day to day makeup is nowhere near as thought out!


Firstly, I like to apply Estee Lauder Double Wear, with a buffering brush from Real Techniques. I have two shades of this – one for when I have fake tan on and one for when I am a milk bottle (90% of the time sadly).

The thing I love about Double Wear is it really does give a full cover to your face, covering spots and blemishes. This is great however I will also note this is very heavy and thick on the face. I personally don’t mind this but a lot of people prefer a more lightweight foundation base.


Secondly, I use the Estee Lauder cream contour kit, which comes with just two colours – one light and one dark – just nice and simple. I apply the lighter shade under my eyes with the Zoeva concealer brush as this blends the product out evenly and precisely onto the skin. The lighter shade is also applied on the forehead as I require further coverage in this area as it is prone to spots. I then apply the darker shade underneath the cheekbones to define this area, along the sides of my nose and around the forehead. I then buff this out with a buffer brush from Real Techniques.

If there are any areas I need brightening, I will add the Estee Lauder concealer to these areas to create further dimension to the face.

This sounds like a sponsored post for Estee Lauder I promise it is not, I have just found a brand I love and want to share it with you all ๐Ÿ˜‡


Moving on… To another godsend of a makeup brand. I apply Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powders from their light/medium powder contour kit over the areas I touched upon with the cream contour. As you can see this contour kit has had a lot of love! I love the fact you can buy refills of this when shades run out to save buying the full kit all over again.


If I’m feeling super extra, I’ll set the face using the NYX setting powder – just for fun. I sometimes miss this out as I get paranoid setting powders create a whitened look – especially on camera, as I have noticed this quite a lot.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I hope this has helped anyone wanting to achieve a base they are happy with.

Thanks for reading!


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