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Blogtober Day 16 – The Body Shop Shower Gel Collection

Hello there fellow toiletry lovers,

I’ve never really been one to spend a lot on shower/bath products – I’m lucky if I have a Lush Bath Bomb to use once in a blue moon.

I just neeeded to do a post on this Body Shop Shower Gel collection my bestie has built up.


The Body Shop do a lot of different shower gels, ranging from fruity flavours, to cocktails and also seasonal editions for Halloween and Christmas.


It’s rather unusual to develop an obsession with shower gels – it’s usually makeup or brush sets or clothes!

I must say it is a gorgeous looking set, I’ll add plenty of pics to gawk at!


I haven’t tried a lot of products from The Body Shop, but I get the impression their products are good quality and trustworthy.


The prices range from around £2 to £5 depending on the edition/flavour. I feel a though this is good considering the quality of the products.


They all smell absolutely GORGEOUS – my fave is definitely the Blueberry flavour or the new Halloween Vanilla Pumpkin edition.


Let me know what your fave Body Shop products are as I am dying to try some!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post!


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