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Blogtober Day 17 – My thoughts on silicone makeup applicators


I’m sure you’ve all seen the silicone makeup applicators increasingly on the market lately – some of you may even own and love one!

I hadn’t tried this until recently, and so I’ve decided to write a quick post on my thoughts around the newest trend in makeup application.

Upon seeing them when they first came out, it wasn’t something I was desperate to purchase and try out, which is pretty unusual for me.


I decided to try two brands – Violet Voss and Makeup By Kady.

I couldn’t imagine it buffing the product into the skin properly and essentially just leaving the product on the surface of the skin not to be soaked into properly.

I can now confirm this was the case. I felt unusual applying foundation with this, as it was not flexible on my face – it was like dabbing some hard plastic on the face. Compared to a brush and a sponge, it was very different.

The benefit of this applicator is the fact you need such little product, which means expensive foundations don’t feel as bad if they’re lasting twice as long, however why don’t we need as much product as usual for this – is it simply as there is nowhere for the product to go other than sit on the surface? I was very sceptical.

Another good thing about these is the life span they must have – cleaning them is so simple, just wiping the excess product off the surface. I guess this is easier than having to cleanse sponges and brushes, and would save money on brush cleaner!

Overall, I wouldn’t chose to use this again as I found it impossible to use this and only this – without having the buff the product into the skin with a brush.

I guess a benefit of the initial application saves a lot of product, as long as this can be buffed in and still bring the coverage and finish desired – maybe I need to have another go, they might grow on me!

What are your thoughts on these applicators, let me know in the comments!


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