My Two Favourite Highlighters

Today’s WELL OVERDUE post will feature my favourite highlighters that are part of my current makeup routine!


Since it’s coming to the end of January, we all need a burst of brightness to banish the winter blues… And what’s best for that? Glowy highlighters obviously ๐Ÿ˜

I got both of these around Christmas time from Secret Santa’s that know me oh so well, so here goes!

One is a pressed powder type, and the other is liquid drops – like a bottle of gold basically โœจ

Laura Geller – Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

Everything about this highlighter, from it’s looks down to the product itself is just gorgeous.

When I first opened this, I didn’t want to use it because the pattern and the way it had been made was just so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


At the same time, I also couldn’t wait to paint my face with it!

The product goes on so smooth, and you don’t need a lot of it on your brush to get a gorgeous shimmery glow.


The pigment is more of a glittery based pigment, so the highlight on the skin is more shimmery rather than a solid shine.


The thing I love about this is that it works well for both day and night. One or two sweeps on the cheekbones for the day create a subtle highlight, and for a more full glam look, applying with a more dense brush does the trick!

I was surprised at the size of this product, as I thought it may be slightly bigger than what it was, however I have now realised that such little product is actually needed, meaning it will last ageeeees โœจ

Barry M – Liquid Chrome Dropsย 

I’d never tried a liquid highlighter before and was far too excited to try this as the swatch was just HEAVEN.


I use this to highlight the brow bone and to accentuate my eye makeup. It neatens the brows and conceals any stray hairs which is just fab!

I tend to put a droplet onto my hand and then take a small amount on a concealer brush to accurately apply this to the brow bone.


Such little product is needed for an amaze glow up, so it’s an all round winner!

I usually avoid applying liquid highlighters to my cheekbones as I can’t quite master it without looking grey or caked, but I’m loving this for under the brow and cupids bow after applying lipstickย ๐Ÿ˜


I’d always had my eye on the Iconic liquid drops but never took the plunge to buy them, I’ll definitely be sticking to these ones from now on though!

I’m such a fan of more bronzed illuminators and highlighters rather than silver tones so these two were perfect for me! The all come in different shades to suit personal preferences.

Hope you have enjoyed! I’d love to know your favourite highlighters in the comments!

Love, Katie x


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