My Go-To Makeup Routine

Goooood Evening (or morning if you are reading this on a morning… duh)

A quick lil post all about my current makeup routine for days where I’m feeling a little bit extra (basically the days I feel like wearing makeup at all).

I’m not the kinda gal to experiment with different looks on a morning whilst getting ready, because for one I’m usually in a rush, and secondly if it all goes wrong I’d be fuming for the rest of the day…

I tend to stick to a few looks that I’m used to, with colours that I know work together – which is great for the morning when I need to be ready pronto, but not so fun when I have such a passion for makeup!

This morning, I tried something a litttttle bit different, which will now become my go-to routine for the next week or so until I get bored of it!



I wanted to document this one here as it was a little more complex than the others I usually go for.

I would only choose to wear this eyeshadow when I have a tan (by tan I mean when I’ve caked myself in St Moriz the night before), as the colours are darker and would make me look ever so pale otherwise.

To create the look, I used the usual products I alwaaaays use on my face:

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade ‘Tawny’
  • Rimmel Stay Matte powder
  • ABH contour kit
  • Laura Geller Illuminator in ‘Gilded Honey’
  • ABH Dip Brow Pomade

Now for the different part (and most favourite) eyeeees πŸ‘€

I used the ABH Subculture palette for this particular eye look, using the shades ‘New Wave’, ‘Fudge’, and ‘Adorn’.

To start with, I used ‘New Wave’ in the crease and just above to create an orange hue around the lid. This is my go-to colour whenever I have false tan on as I find I suit it more when I’m not so pale.



Next, I simply shaded in the lid with the shade ‘Fudge’. I wouldn’t normally use such a dark colour on my lid as I have quite small eyes so I sometime can’t get away with it, but today I mastered it (at least I hope I did..)


To brighten this up a little and add some subtle shine, I added some gold shimmer, the shade ‘Adorn’. I swept this on with my finger as I find shimmer shades always apply better with your finger rather than a brush.

I must admit, this look is tricky to blend correctly, as the Subculture palette is a hard-to-blend palette. This was another reason I added the shimmer shade, to take the attention away from a few patches that I couldn’t quite blend as much as I would have liked to.

I then highlighted my brow bone with the Barry M Liquid Chrome drops, they are INSANE for this kind of highlight – instantly giving a second pop to the eyes and also sculpting the brows!


To finish, I used a peachy/coral coloured lip paint by Loreal!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know your go-to looks/palettes in the comments!

Love, Katie x


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